16 Stress Relief Toys for Programmers

Find your way to enhance productivity

Every programmer deals with some level of stress. Programmer is a very taught job, not only physically but also mentally.

I am not a doctor to solve stress issues, but I can give some tips from my personal experience.

Below are 16 fidget toys that can help reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.

1.A giant enter button

A giant enter button is a funny but effective tool I have ever seen. You can connect a giant enter button with your pc. When your feel is bored, you can punch this button with force and feel fresh. And also, this extra enter button can active your mind for a long time.

2.Desktop punching bag

It is called a tech stress punching bag. This bag comes to withstand, and it can set you beside your pc. You can hit this bag over and over until you remove stress.

With these punch bags, you can get instant energy for doing work. It is excellent for the work environment.

3.Rubik’s cube

Rubik’s Cube is for Mindfulness and Destressing. It boosts our immune system and mental health. It also increases our ability to focus on work. Rubik’s cube is proven to decrease stress.

So every programmer can remain a Rubik’s cube.

4.Ono Roller

This fidgeting gadget had high relaxation power. And it is more professional than other fidgeting gadgets. It is an effortless massage roller. It helps your mind and relieves anxiety and stress from your mind.

5.The raw fidget spinner

This is another fidgeting toll. It is an essential accessory for your work deaths. It is compact in size and lightweight, suitable for carrying your pocket and purse.

So you can carry it anywhere.

6.Spinner fidget

This toy helps a person to relieve the anxiety stress modem. It improved focus and concentration at work.


Clickeybits is a funny-looking colorful gadget that is made from mechanical keyboard switches. Thedesign gives you a unique and robotic feeling when holding them. It has six buttons that you can press all at the same time.

8.Ooey Gooey Glitter Bead Ball

One of the most satisfying squishy squeeze balls ever. It features a rubbery skin filled with glitter, and it is a gel base and water beads.

You will feel ooooey gooooey to touch these balls.

It instantly reduces your stress. And these stress balls will soon be one of your all-time favorites.

9. Thinking Putty

We can use thinking putty as a stress ball. Thinking putty is like chewing gum for your fingers. You can utilize your brain and vanish stress away with this fantastic toy.

10. Color Changing Light Ball

In many tools, the color-changing light ball is one of my favorite. This ball comes in many combine colors. This extraordinary ball lights up and changes color with the touch of a button. So you can use any color in your mood.

I like this light ball, and it helps me to fresh my mind.

11. Ticktock toy

For the material, this allows spinning the gadget for three minutes or more times. It gives relaxation.

12. The momentum 360 fidget spinner

The Momentum 360, Which Will Come in a Variety of Colors, is a Stress-Relieving Gadget. That Can Help People to Focus and Feel Better.

By keeping their hands busy, they are often able to concentrate better on other tasks.

13.The fidget flipper

This toy improves coordination and fine instrument skills and assists in the development of muscles of the hands.

14. Stress balls

It is a small ball, and you can press this ball until you want. This reduces stress and also helps to focus on work. You can try different sizes and see which one gives the best results.

15.Chaines meditation ball

These meditation balls have been around for decades to instant stress relief. You can roll these balls between your fingers.

16. Scalp massagers

This is one of the most popular toys these days. It gives tingling sensations that give relax feeling. I don’t think any programmer would say that they didn’t face any stress during their programming journey. You can choose any from this.


Stress directly affects our productivity, so we need to solve this problem and instantly boost our working speed. Maybe this toy helps you and find it helpful in this article.

Thank you.

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