Top 15 Programming Project Ideas for Beginners


When you’re first learning to program, there seem to be a lot of things to know. You’re learning Python if you don’t know PHP. It’s a new web framework if it’s not a programming language. You have to begin somewhere. The greatest method to improve your programming skills is to use them to create coding projects. Here are a few greatest programming projects to increase your expertise and make it a good developer, even if you’re a newbie or returning to coding.

If you’re a complete novice, you’ll need to understand the fundamentals of two web markup languages: HTML and CSS. Understanding the fundamentals of HTML coding is the first step in developing web applications. You can branch out and create projects once you’ve mastered the fundamentals. The most successful projects end up becoming crash courses in coding. They challenge what you already understand and provide you with a practical exercise in the language of your choice. Even if they are difficult to make at first, these crafts are straightforward. You will leave with two things: a portfolio piece that you can use to demonstrate your abilities and a deeper knowledge of programming power and write some examples in different languages, such as Java or JavaScript.

Let’s have a look at few practical projects:

1. Habit tracker with a twist

The habit tracker appears frequently. Only the todo app and the chat app, which, as we all know, are mandated by law to be on all lists, come close. Check and double-check. Some interesting features are: Give benefits and badges for streaks completed; as streaks grow longer, unlock new app features; Develop a Battle Royale-style contest with all users who wish to do X until only one user remains. Create quests that require users to follow a specific habit formation method, for example. In addition to any other incentives our customers may already have, our software must provide a layer of additional incentives for them to adopt their new habits. This is what sets it apart from the vast majority of habit trackers.

2. Design a Chess Game of Your Own

Making a chess game is a terrific opportunity to turn a traditional game into software that you may already be familiar with. Chess is an excellent way to get started in a programming career, pun intended. You’ll begin by drawing a diagram of your board and pieces. After that, you’ll give particular moves for your parts. You’ll be forced to consider chess from the perspective of a coder.

3. Make an app for your to-do list

Another wonderful coding project to put your programming skills to the test is creating a to-do list app. It includes the majority of the elements required to make a simple user interface, including buttons, animation, user interaction, and events.

4. A Twitter bot

It is a program that automates the process. It is an extended version to various social networks, similar to the “digest” concept, where quality contributions can gain your Internet points. Create a Twitter developer account, explore the Twitter API, identify the endpoint that allows you to send tweets, and connect it to a collection of fascinating facts, quotes, or Anthony Jeselnik jokes.

5. Finders of bargains

This type of stuff gives me a distinct feeling. Win-Win, my most recent side endeavor, was just that. I enjoy board games and am always on the lookout for excellent offers. I connected to the Boardgamegeek API and can now get all of the prices for the games I’m interested in. The arithmetic and identifying goods that are significantly less expensive than the average. It’s wonderful to find a game that’s 70% cheaper than the median price just minutes after it’s been posted. What drove me the most was the hope that others might think the same way. Consider additional marketplaces or sorts of products that are accessible via APIs and see what you can do with them.

6. Create a Simple HTML5 Website

Fewer projects can educate you as much as creating a complete HTML and CSS website. Design concepts, file linking, web hosting, and coding logic are used to create a simple website. It is an excellent piece to put in your portfolio, particularly if you aspire to be a web developer. Other programming languages you learn can be utilized on the back end of websites, making them an excellent choice for honing your skills.

7. Build a tool for converting weights

A basic weight conversion tool is a wonderful project for beginning coders. It will test your ability to design a layout and implement logic that responds to the information entered into the form, similar to the to-do list app. Keep in mind that you should personalize your projects to your liking as you construct them. Getting creative with introductory coding tasks might help you find your developer personality.

8. Job board for a certain industry

This is your opportunity to assist companies in connecting with potential prospects in industries where existing job boards may be lacking. Focusing on a specialty has two advantages for this side project: it narrows the scope of the domain you’re serving, making it easier to find and understand potential clients. More than any other on our list, an additional facet of this idea is how you’ll have to deal with two different types of users: recruiters and candidates. This will present some interesting issues in terms of UX design and, for example, how you decide to manage multiple rights and permissions on the back.

9. Python-based web scraper

Python is well-known for its ability to handle almost any coding project. You can extract data from HTML and XML documents using Python using a Python package called Pretty Soup. This web scraping example exports the data to a CSV file, allowing you to use Excel to build charts, graphs, plots, and more with your data. Python is capable of far more than just scraping HTML code. Python can be used to create bots for Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. To complete this project, you’ll need to download Anaconda, a Python distribution. It’s a huge library with a variety of built-in Python tools. As you progress as a coder, you’ll need to learn how to identify and download useful tools.

10. Construct Your Calculator

One of the most common introductory projects is to learn how to use a calculator. Creating a calculator allows you to experience designing a layout, reading numbers or symbols from the layout, and processing the information to arrive. When you try the calculator and discover what goes into it, it’s simple enough to get started with yet tough enough to make you think.

11. Play a game of quiz about a favorite topic

It’s the first of two concepts in this category that are game-related. You undoubtedly know a guy who doesn’t, but everyone else has a great time with this type of game. Again, I recommend that you concentrate on a specific topic. It will be simpler to locate questions and answers and the general public for the topic you have chosen.

12. Code a mobile app

It’s critical to design interfaces that work well on mobile devices. To develop stunning layouts that can be integrated into an Android or iOS app, all you need is HTML and CSS. This project is significant since it teaches you how to code logic and how to construct an interface. By designing a simple product card, this lesson demonstrates how simple it is to create a layout. You don’t have to duplicate the code line by line; instead, add your flair. The kind of designs you can create with CSS are virtually limitless.

13. Code a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

The popular game Rock, Paper, Scissors is transformable into a programming challenge. It necessitates user involvement as well as the creation of random elements. You’re in charge of both the game and the reasoning of the robot you’re battling. Furthermore, it provides novice coders with an interactive product to pick up and enjoy right away. When it comes to remaining inspired, a little instant pleasure goes a long way. Because there are so many different graphic things to interact with, you can be as inventive as you want!

14. Create a basic JavaScript slide show

Making a JavaScript slideshow is a fun little project that doesn’t take long to complete. This coding project is suggested since it teaches you the fundamentals of communicating with a browser’s Document Object Model (DOM) and creating dynamic websites. This work is worthwhile since it can use repeatedly. If you wish to work as a full-time web developer, you can find yourself utilizing something similar on various websites with varied styles. Because the logic remains the same, it is highly advised that you learn it here.

15. Make Your Own Game of Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a well-known children’s game with simple rules. It’s a little more difficult than it appears to make a Tic Tac Toe app. The layout is straightforward; the reasoning is where things become fascinating. Programming the code to determine when the game should terminate is a great method to challenge your thinking.


Programming projects help you improve your coding abilities. Pick up an HTML and CSS project, and you’ll be utilizing JavaScript in no time. You’ll be making complicated Python games and apps in no time. It’s incredible what a regular stream of tasks can do for your programming skills. Now, you know the Top usable Ideas for Programming Projects will make it much easier. Happy Programming!

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