How I developed an iOS app without a Mac

Develop iOS with the computer that you have

Developers don’t have a fixed development area. They need to work with many languages and frameworks. So sometimes we buy our pc without consideration of iOS development. I faced the same problem once. I have development experience of at least 3 years, and I didn’t work on any iOS projects.

The Real Problem Begins

The problem begins with a certain project. I got a deal to develop an iOS application from the flutter project that I was working with. I got into a real problem then.

We all know that iOS development mac always. But I don’t have a mac device till then. So I started googling the problem and came up with a couple of solutions.

Possible Solutions

My main target to move on from the problem. Let’s find some possible solutions, then calculate the overall benefits and pick one. Here are some possible solutions that can rescue me from the issue.

  • Have a MacBook
  • Install Hackintosh
  • Virtual machine

Some other solutions are also possible maybe. But I have chosen the virtual machine.

Why I choose Virtual Machine?

  • I needed the existing operating system.
  • I needed the macOS
  • The virtual machine is the easiest solution
  • Hassle-free based on the other solutions

Let’s setup out MAC

There is a lot of software for this support here for a virtual machine installation, and I will use VMWare. VMWare is the most popular. Let’s follow the simple three steps given below.

  • Setup VMWare
  • Download iso file of macOS
  • Choose the iso file of your os and complete the setup

Now we are ready to set up and use all the software of mac. So Xcode and other installations are possible now, and we are ready to go with our needs.

Problems of using the virtual machine

  • This requires lots of processes
  • Lots of memory needed
  • Hang the pc while building on Xcode or a similar rendering process
  • Reduce performance


This takes a lot of processes and resources, so you need to set up this on a high-performance computer.


I hope this will help you to decide if you are facing the same situation as me. Thank you.

Have a great day.

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