5 Online Money Making Ideas for a Programmer

Making money online can be your side hustle

Making money is not that easy, but it’s not that hard either. Just know the right way and have a try. It’s nothing complicated if you know the tricks and making money online can be your side hustle easily. There is no reason to think of online earning as an odd profession or have a negative perception of it. Here, I will describe ways to earn money online. So don’t wait for something, start from today.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today” — Karen Lamb.

Let’s dive into the main topic.

1. Earn from contests and bounty

Contest and bounty are not directly related to earning and programming. This is a different kind of interest. Some programmers love to program and love to take challenges. Companies arrange online competitions and announce prize money. Similarly, many companies organize bounty programs where they assign tasks, and you will qualify if you meet all the requirements. Huge prize money is announced in the bounty program.

Top Websites for contests

You will find tons of websites on the internet like these.

Bounty programs

  • Mozilla
  • Microsoft
  • HackerOne
  • Intel
  • Google
  • GitHub

You will see more on the internet. Every year, these companies arrange bounty programs, and a lot more money is waiting for you. So don’t delay it any further, start from now.

Again, I am mentioning that earning from contests and bounty programs is only an option for passionate programmers. Also, there is no guarantee of success here so do it at your own risk.

2. Earn by building an app that trends

Stay updated with the daily world. If a website or mobile app goes viral with a simple idea, then think if you could make something similar to that. It’s not mandatory that you have to make the exact same thing; you can think on your own and try to build something crazy and brilliant and make it go viral. I believe, ultimately, in a quality project. If you can build something useful, then everyone is going to use it — I swear. Just describe your product and make them feel interested.

Suppose the product you build is not being used by the people who it was meant for, you can sell it to a third party if the quality is excellent.


  • You just added something to your portfolio.
  • Earning money is possible if you have an audience.
  • Selling the product to a third party is also possible.

Just look around, observe the world — everything that is trending is actually quite simple. Just implement your idea, and that may be all that’s required for success.

You can also build something that people need or that lets them realize how much they needed that service. Firstly run it for free, then you can go for a paid version when a huge audience is already engaged.

3. Earn from blogging

Earning money from blogging is fun. You can write about whatever you know. Just try to ensure quality content, and that’s it. A personal blog can help here, too; it’s not necessary that you have to write on some other blog site.

Start your blog:

  • A personal blog.
  • Or a blog on a renowned website like Medium.

You might have thought this will not be a significant amount of money, but trust me, you could be wrong. Just publish quality content and see the result. When you are maintaining a personal blog website, you have to do some things to earn money. Adsense is a way to do that. I know some of my friends earn more than $1000 per month just by writing a technical blog.

Note: Writing will add extra value to your portfolio. This is not only a money-making process.

4. Earn by freelancing

Freelancing is the easiest way to earn money online for a programmer. Tons of websites provide the opportunity to make money by freelancing. Clients from all over the world put out their requirements and assign you a budget. The client also describes the technology that you have to use in the project.

Some sample categories you can start working on:

  • Website frontend design
  • Backend development
  • Mobile application development
  • System and database design
  • AI-related development and many more

Some trusted websites for freelancing

You will find more through a Google search. I have mentioned the top websites only. Not all the processes I said are the same; some websites deal with a job via bidding, and some do the opposite. The gig is a popular way to do that, but here you will describe your work and provide a budget. And then, the client will approach you. Just Google and study a bit to do that.

Note: You will find some freelancers who are highly paid and earn much more than a renowned jobholder.

5. Earn from courses

Online courses are now common, but I found something positive in them. Why not earn money from what you know? You are trying to share knowledge with others. People are learning and doing better thanks to your work. In the beginning, making money from a course can be a slow process, but it helps you make money. Sometimes, even taking this profession as a career can become an option.

Where to publish:

  • Coursera can be a good option.
  • YouTube is best for getting started.
  • Websites that host paid courses can be helpful.

Don’t judge yourself. If you want to start but don’t have enough confidence, then start with YouTube video courses. Just make quality content and go for the platforms paid courses like Coursera, Udemy, and others.

It doesn’t matter what you know. Just try to help people and share your knowledge. Your choice of technology doesn’t matter. Don’t panic about what to start with — Python, JavaScript, web development, or some other course. Start with your strong suit and go with the flow.


In this article, I tried to describe the best possible resources for a programmer to earn money. I hope this article was helpful. If I missed out on something, don’t forget to mention it and I will update the article accrodingly.

Have a great day!

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