24 Must-Have Websites and Tools for Web Developers

These tools will boost your speed and efficiency

As a web developer, you need some tools on a regular basis. Some amazing tools are available to help you achieve a stronger position faster, and no one tells you about this.

I’m going to give you these tools. I wish somebody gave them to me while I was starting. All of the tools are absolutely free to use.

I have categorized all of the tools.

  • Hosting and deployment.
  • Royalty-free images and videos.
  • Icons and fonts.
  • Mockup tools.
  • Project design ideas.
  • Freelancing.
  • Exercise and algorithms.
  • Learning.
  • General tools.

Hosting and Deployment

Maybe you have a website, and it’s pretty good, and you want to show it to your friend or others. To do that, you need to deploy using hosting services. You may find a lot of tools, but I want to tell you about two tools.

Netlify & Heroku

Netlify for frontend applications and Heroku for backend APIs. Netlify is very simple to use, and you can deploy a page with a single click within seconds. And you can use Heroku to deploy APIs.

Royalty-Free Images and Videos

The modern internet is no longer text-based. It’s all about media. Every good landing page needs quality stock images and video.

You can choose quality images and videos from the following websites. No matter which department you belong to, you can use these websites.

Unsplash and Pexels

The best websites for finding images are Unsplash and Pexels. With Unsplash and Pexels, you can search many images, and it’s absolutely free.

Coverr and unDraw

For videos, you can use Coverr and/or unDraw. With Coverr, you can find amazing stock video footage. You can get pretty much any video here.

Now, let’s talk about unDraw. If you visit this website, you will see many familiar illustrations. These illustrations are used in commercial-level applications. On many websites, you will see these illustrations, and these are good enough.

Icons and Fonts

Any website needs good-looking fonts and icons. For the font, Google Fonts is enough. You can find any font that you need.

Also, connecting it to your website is incredibly simple. Other websites for fonts are:

Flaticon and Font Awesome

For icons, there is flaticon.com. You can find any icon that you are looking for, and the icons are really amazing.

Font Awesome has a lot of icons for web developers. They have nearly any icon you can think of.

Animated icons

Here, you will find moving icons like add button, cloud adding, and folder all. You can easily add them to your website, and it looks good.


For improving web development knowledge and new knowledge, you can follow these websites.

To start the programming journey, these websites are really effective, and I hope you will learn faster.


They create a curriculum that allows you to start with no knowledge at all. If you’re starting web development, then this is the right place for you.

You can choose whether you want to work with HTML, JavaScript, frontend libraries, and much more.

The Odin Project

Odin project is a learning tool, and they offer a free full-stack curriculum supported by a passionate, open source community.

They have full-stack Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and frontend courses that will help you start learning instantly.

Mem dev

These tools are for learning, and this tool helps you remember what you have learned. It allows you to practice the things that you already learned, so you won’t forget your exercises.

Mockup Tool

A mockup is a conceptual tool that is used especially in web development. It is basically an early draft of a website or web application.

Figma helps you get a proper idea of how the application is going to look and feel. If you need a simple component of the website and need mockup tools of the entire website, Figma has you covered.

Another tool and alternative to Figma is called zeplin. The features of zeplin allow you to share, organize, and collaborate on designs built with other developers’ minds.

Both developers can provide each other with assets, so it’s actually a necessary tool for developers.


If you want to earn money from freelancing, then these websites are for you. You can easily earn money from here — even sitting at home. I’m sure you have heard of these websites before.

These three websites are the most popular. Upwork is a great place for freelancing.

Upwork is great for contracting work, and it’s great for finding bigger projects that you can do for months. The same thing can be said for Freelancers; you can find big projects that will provide stability.

But Fiverr is a place where you can get short-term projects like the landing page of a food court.

Project Design Ideas

Maybe you are a developer, and you don’t have good knowledge about project design ideas.

Honestly, most developers don’t have good design knowledge because they are developers, not designers. Here are two websites that help your design ideas.


On this website, you can find the world’s best-awarded websites. If you visit these websites, you can see all the ratings that the website received. And you can also visit this website in real time.


Another website is DRIBBBLE.COM. Whatever website you’re building, you can find designs on dribbble. So, go and search for your design, and you may like it.

Exercise and Algorithms

If you test and improve your knowledge, then these tools will help you a lot. They will also increase your problem-solving skills and logical thinking.


It is the best platform for enhancing your skills, expanding your knowledge, and preparing you for your technical interviews. They have a lot of sorting algorithms, so they are more aimed towards low-level languages.

Codewars and Exercism

Exercism has a lot of exercises ranging from easy to hard. These exercises improve your logical thinking and functions, and methods. And codewars have user-friendly tools.

General Tools

Some generals tools are:


EmailJS allows you to send emails directly from JavaScript without any server code needed. It is extremely useful to build a portfolio and want to have a contact form, but if you don’t want to create a whole backend for that, then you can use emailJS.


It checks whether your syntax is supported on all devices and browsers like flexbox.

Image compressor

When you are deploying your website, and you want to increase the speed of your site’s load, you can compress the images.


This website will help you explore new and interesting ways to deal with CSS. You can find information about building amazing cards, and many other subjects.


Every developer needs to do things every day, and I mentioned all the possible tools and websites to do that easier. So you can keep these tools in your bookmark. If I forgot to add something, please mention it below. I will keep updating the document. Thank you for reading.

Have a great day.

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