11 Clean Code Tips That Will Assist You to Be a Top Programmer

Improve your coding style

Clearly, coding is the responsibility of a good programmer so that everyone can read and understand his code.

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”
― Martin Fowler

11 Tips about clean code I have discussed below

Clean code means not about code only; it’s also about writing a good & readable code, structuring, organizing, analyzing user requirements, designing, building, testing, etc.

1.Remove Comments

When you learn to code, often time you hear to leave comments. And that’s ok if they are meaningful.

Comments help programmers to define code. In development, code move here and there. If the comment remains at the same place, then it can create confusion for yourself and others.

Developers get distracted in these case so must remove comments. However, it best to remove comments out and comments that are no longer needed.

2.Naming Variables

Try to make a habit of using the meaningful names in your code. There are many names for variables, functions, classes, arguments, modules, packages, directories, and more things that should give a proper name in your code.

And you should use uppercase and lowercase classes or hyphenated for naming conferences and use two or three worlds. Try to write your code that way.

It will be a good practice to write a code that is clean, easy to understand & just meaningful; check the examples below


var a = [67, 78.67, 89] //array of number

you need to mention a comment with the name declaration of a not good variable for code.

But a better variable name would be:-

var number_of_Array = [67, 78.67, 89]

3.Make Readable Code

A specific one-line code is not understandable. And it looks code messy and difficult to maintain. It wastes other developers’ time when they try to read and understand the messy code.

The readable code is more maintainable. Think of the next person who will have to deal with your code.

So always try to well the formatting of your code. You will also save your time and energy when you will get back to your own code after a couple of days to make some changes.


Below is a code that has been written one line

class CarouselRightArrow extends Component { render() { return (<a href="#" className="carousel__arrow carousel__arrow--left" onClick={this.props.onClick}> <span className="fa fa-2x fa-angle-left" /> </a>); } };

The same code has been written below, and sees how it looks.

[gist id="a42026e1baeb77d4260f54f358f0edba"]

4. Function Rules

For clean code, the function should be small. Don’t write a function that can handle everything. It makes code difficult. Break down large functions into multiple simple functions.

You should make functions responsible for a single task; it will make your function clear and easy to understand, scalable, and much more flexible. And try to keep the argument as much as possible inside the function.


function subtract(x, y) {
    return x - y;

5.Manually Test Code

Check it manually after writing your code. Sometimes developers write code so fast they can’t notice errors. Many people do not even understand where their mistake is.

So it needs to be checked after the written code is finished. You can also test the unit. However, you need to check the minimum manual. Manual test is very important in development. It makes your code clean, flexible, and maintainable. Making changes in code and reducing bugs becomes easier.

6.Using Whitespaces

Proper whitespace makes your code organized and easier to read. Many people think it makes code more difficult to read and affects the compiler.

But really not that you can use whitespace to look your code clear. Check the examples below.


Here is no whitespace, and see how it looks.

let a,b,c;

And here is the same thing and use whitespace but looks clear.

let a, b, c;
a = 1;
b = 2;
c = 3;

7.Declaring Variables

We can declare variables in different ways. However, I have given an example below to understand the difference between clean code and messy code.


let a;
let b = 1;

Above the code, I have written, and that’s fine, nothing wrong with that, but we could make this cleaner instead of doing that you can see below. Both of them are easy & readable, I know, but which one is direct & easy for the developer to know its purpose?

let a; b=1;

That is the same thing I have written in one line.

8.Assigning Values

You can assign value for a variable in many ways. But which one is easy and which one is difficult you have to understand.


Here three variables assign three values in three lines.

let a, b, c;
a = 1;
b = 2;
c = 3;

And it’s ok, but you can assign the same value in one line and easily. And there is again much clear way of doing this. We can do exactly the same thing as below.

let[a, b, c] = [1, 2, 3];

9. Organize File and Project

Each code needs to have organized files and folders that you and others can search for easy use.

If your project is not in structure and organizes, you will have a problem finding it next time.

10.Avoid repetition

Repeat something over and over is a code smell. A code smell is something where you know it doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t look right because you’re doing something wrong.

So obviously, the best way of handling code that repeats itself all the time is to put it inside its own functions or method. Break down a task into smaller parts, and make sure at least 90% of it is reusable. Always make sure your code is reusable.

11.Code Refactor

Read other codes, customize them and make them clearer. I like using the term “compress,” which means making it simpler & smaller

Refactoring a code is a really good skill; it will make you aware of what’s going on, & while you’re refactoring, it will become better, it’s always good practice to return to your code after a while & enhance it

Should Always keep these word in mind

1.Code is more read than write.

2.Bad code is a “burden.”

3.Bad code increases “technical debt.”

4.Bad code ruins the product and the company.

5.Changes in old code become risky and complex.


In this article, I have tried to give some tips about clean code. I hope you like it and apply your own code to it. Thank you for reading.

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