10 Websites To Follow To Improve Your Skills

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These Websites Make Your Life Easier

Being a developer is really a matter of pride. Each developer usually seeks knowledge from some sites, tutorials, or blogs. Programmers visit these sites when these sites make their life easy, and they want to know more. 

10 websites that every developer should follow, and I personally subscribed to. These websites have helped me grow as a developer. I visit them regularly every day to keep up with what is happening. Today I will give you a list of those websites. 

1.Stack Overflow

The number one item and we all know, is StackOverflow. Maybe a lot of people don’t follow it directly. Many of us end up here. Whenever I’m looking for a problem like trying to do something in a regex, that’s as annoying as hell. I always think the answer I am looking for is right here, and the solution can come back from all directions.

It’s a great resource that I know they’re improving, and they’re also working in the community to make sure it’s a great website.
So every developer, I’m sure, ends here.

URL: https://stackoverflow.com/


Dev.to is the second listed website in our list. This website is for developers, and there are several great things here. Articles are generated in the hashtags you follow. But above all, they are a bit random. 

This is where you will always see something new on the home page. You can definitely check out what’s been trending for weeks and months, and years. But really, I jump in here and learn something new every day.

Articles are posted and are mainly focused on developers trying to learn something new. Most content comes with code and examples. You can look for jobs here and check out some trending news as well as get some cool products.

URL: https://dev.to/


Our next website on this list is indiehacker.com. This is a website of developers. This website focuses on the journey that developers take when they create their own company or product or freelance or try to create something successful, which is both a failure and a success story. And everything is transparent, which is really great.

You’ll see numbers and stats behind people that launch their own products. Things like the number of people who visited, probably how many people bought their products, and even how much money they made.

People share their real experiences or tips, such as how to make money; you can take these tips and make money.
These websites will really inspire you.

URL: https://www.indiehackers.com/


Devdocs is a website that is really documentation and looking up the syntax and manuals and references for different front-end languages and libraries.

They have everything that you might want to know here stuff like, for example, beginners’ guides, advanced topics for HTML or javascript or angular, jquery, or backbone.js all of these are here with examples and code with descriptions of how everyone this works. You can search everything up here, and these guides are nice and simple to follow these code examples. This is the place that you can keep book mark.

URL: https://devdocs.io/


Hashnode is a new website. Developers like us are more focused on blogging and sharing useful information. This is a place where you can write your own blog. 

People can’t do great things with their experience alone; they need the experience of others. There is a place where one can gain knowledge of another’s experience. 

URL: https://hashnode.com/community


Github is one of the top 10 websites. Github is just a code repository, but it has been transformed into much more. There are some really cool Github repositories and free resources like developers or designers. Topics like a compilation of best tutorials and much more.

So as a developer you should know this website.

URL: https://github.com/


Glassdoor not only offers posts in a variety of job positions you may be able to apply. But it also gives you anonymous reviews of different organizations and people who actually work there.

They will let you know the interview process and what has happened through them so that you know what to expect. They will also give you an estimate of what kind of money they were making there.

They can tell you how long they have worked there and what kind of standards and ethics each company can have, and it gives you a better indication of when you are going to apply for a position. This is really great because it is very difficult to get transparency a lot of the time. This place gives you some more insight into where the future will work.

URL: https://www.glassdoor.com/


Reddit is simply because there are lots of split subreddits here for development. Obviously, there is Well Dave, which has lots of cool posts with half a million members, all but other useful ones as well. Here are the web dev tutorials, and here you will find tutorials on all kinds of topics.

For example, web development has much more to do with learning HTML or CSS, or JavaScript. These all come together in a place where you can share and talk with the community to gain your knowledge for the web. And as a developer, this is a place I visit almost every day.

URL: https://www.reddit.com/


The next item on our list is Medium. This website has really inspired me. I use this website on a daily basis—lots of high-quality levels of content they produce. There’s a variety of content on here. Here not just for developers but for designers for people interested in javascript or react and even just general development as well.

Look for your sector, and you will see that there are many articles written by people. The authors share their technology-based problems they have encountered and how they solve them. You can find updates on what happened here every day. Also can share your experience here too and make money by writing. You can scroll through the pages and learn about new code techniques and many more here.

This is the most popular website, and I enjoyed it most.

URL: https://medium.com/


This is the last item on our list daily. This website is actually a Chrome extension, and it is for developers. You can compile or list what you want to see here. What it does provide you with developer news. You can stay up to date with the latest news happening in one place.

URL: https://daily.dev/


I have listed these websites for you guys. Because these websites are great for me and I use this website every day. Honestly, these websites inspire me a lot. When you visit this website, I am sure you will be glued to these websites.

Thank you for reading.

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